50 facts about me

Madi from Madi Illustrations inspired me to do this blog post, you should check her blog! 
At first, it was a bit tough to think of 50 things about ME but once i got started it was hard to just keep it at 50 :) Personally i love these kind of blog posts because you get to know a little bit more about the blogger's personality and it's fun so here's a little bit about me.. Enjoy! 

Baby me Ha! I was a fat baby <3
1.       I love puzzles and building little models/ miniature things
2.       I am 23 years old and I have never had a filling but starting to think I might need one soon cause I eat a lot of sugary things
3.       I collect things like earrings, stamps, rings, bracelets, belts etc and hardly ever use them!
4.       I love talking on the phone, I can talk for hours.. Literally! {ask my best friend lol}
5.       I am addicted to internet and the social media!
6.       Indecisive and it annoys me!
7.       I have an addictive personality
8.       I am really REALLY good at giving things up that might be bad for me, like I can walk away from almost anything and I love that about me
9.       I love drawing
10.   I hate cooking but I love baking
11.   I love chocolate and I would never give it up!
12.   Money scares me because it changes people, it makes them less humble and more materialistic
13.   I love humble people
14.   I am scared of almost all animals, hate dogs! Cats are just weird and anything else is just creepy! They can’t talk and they’re unpredictable.
15.   It takes forever for me to fall asleep
16.   I love going for long walks
17.   I hate being alone, I hate doing things alone and I just don’t like being myself but I am most of the time
18.   Don’t like watching TV especially news
19.   I worry a lot about the Muslim countries and the mess they’re going through
20.   I am dyslexic
21.   If I see something a lot I end up disliking it
22.   I refuse to take meds, I don’t like going to the doctors
23.   I started wearing  Hijab in Aug 2012 and I am really happy with my decision
24.   I can be really curious and I am always researching and looking for new things
25.   I love shoes, I buy a lot of shoes and maybe haven’t even worn them once, haven’t even taken them out of the box but I will keep them!
26.   My favourite films are one day, 50 first dates, p.s I love you and weird sad films like that.
27.   I can’t imagine my life without my mom
28.   My first name is really long and no one ever gets it right!
29.   I love my last name though.. it means royalty so basically I am a princess :P
30.   I have a forgetful memory but I never forget things I want to forget. i forget things I want to remember
31.   I have never been in a real serious relationship and Thank God for that
32.   I love watching ‘Friends’
33.   I really want to have kids.. now!
34.   I have a scar on my right eyebrow
35.   I wear contacts/glasses
36.   I always wanted braces but my dentist never approved because I had prefect teeth
37.   I wish I had moles on my hands like my mother does.. I sometimes henna tattoo moles on the back on my hands.. I am weird like that!
38.   I love freckles
39.   After uni I didn’t really know what to do with my life and I would’ve gone insane if it wasn’t for Islam and my religious practice! I am so so so grateful for that.
40.   I don’t smoke, don’t like to be around smokers and I think it’s just disgusting
41.   I get bored easily and quickly
42.   I want to travel the world, I would literally drop everything and just go and explore!
43.   I don’t want a big wedding.
44.   I want to learn Arabic; I think it’s a beautiful language!
45.   I hate depending on others
46.   I love hoodies and pyjamas
47.   It makes me uncomfortable when people stare at me when they talk because I feel like they can see what I see when I look at myself in the mirror
48.   You will never see me wearing a watch, ever!
49.   Me and my sister have the same shaped birth mark, I have it on my right arm near my funny bone and she has it near her belly button.
50.   The only thing I really genuinely want is to be happy in life!

Now, I want you to share 50 facts about you !

Happy Weekend
yaz 'xo


  1. Salam Yaz!
    I love your illustrations.
    You&I share almost the same personality, but for me I hate talking on the phone.
    Take care.

    1. Waliakum salam :) omg just checked your blog you are 'under a veil'!! i love your work! its so inspiring
      Thank you for stopping by :)



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