Mother's Day!

So the reason i haven't done any fashion illustrations/blogging for a while is because i have been super busy with my Mother's Day greetings card collection! Since my placement with Hallmark i have been thinking about designing my own cards range but i guess i was scared and so it took me this long to actually do it!

I have had a lot of problems(mainly with the printers) and there were times when i didn't have a clue what i was doing, but then i thought if i don't try i will never know and one day i am going to think i wish i started that day!

So anyway here's a sneak peek:
Design process - hand painted using Winsor&Newton watercolours and Gouache paints.  

SAMPLES - i received my samples today in my mail and i am so happy with the Quality and the colours and especially the price! And Later today i will be getting my actual cards from the printers (In Sha Allah)
I ended up designing four cards:
Top left: For the Glamours mothers, into their make up and i kept that one blank so it can be brought for someone other than your mom
Top right: Moms that are pro at sewing and embroidery and are really crafty!
Bottom left: simple Floral card with 'Happy mother's Day' on the front
Bottom right: Quote: 'there is nothing more special than a mother' I had to do a card with an illustration on it!

All originally hand drawn/painted by myself. Cards come including a White envelope and the pricing will be on my blog Tomorrow 

I will soon post about the pricing and how/where i am going to be selling these cards so  look out! 

Please spread the word if you know someone is looking to buy a Mother's Day card :) and any feedback would be fab! 
Many thanks

yaz 'xo


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