You are HERE for a REASON

Thinking back to this time last year, I was stressing about my Degree show  at the Staffs Uni and worrying about New Designers and what not!(time flys).. To be honest, I genuinely thought I will get a job with some amazing company in this industry (because most people that i knew off back then did and that's how you think cos you see it happening
and i remember i was obsessing over the fact that i should definitely get a job with a company otherwise i am a failure and this degree is a waste of time! 
BUT i am so so happy I don't think that anymore.. Not everyone is suppose to be on the same path, as long as you are passionate about something and you work hard at it you are not failing!
And if you are not signed by an amazing company, it doesn't at all mean that you are a failure - it just means you are on a different path (that is best for you and its happening for a reason) Any path you choose is going to be tough ..Just don't give up!

Some motivational and inspiring Quotes from my pinterest board:

Have Faith in yourself and you will get where you are meant to be :)
I am so far from where i thought i would be because my dreams/ goals changed but I know i will end up where i am meant to be :) 

Good Luck
Let me know if you have ever felt like this

yaz 'xo


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