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The Gorgeous Paris from ParisRouzati.com featured me on her blog the other day :o) I had no idea until i realized i am getting so many hits on my blog and then i saw where it was coming from. I was so shocked <3 It's so amazing and helpful when i get feedback from people and it just makes my day, you know it makes it all worth it! 

She says: 
"I came across Yaz Raja on Tumblr the other day, and I became instantly in awe of this lady’s work. She illustrates anything from beautiful women in high-fashion outfits, to Middle Eastern aesthetics. Having gone to Dubai and seeing how Muslim women beautifully express their style while still keeping their hijab, Yaz’s illustrations definitely portray the style of women from all over the world. This definitely makes her one of my new favorite fashion illustrators. You can shop her prints on paper, canvas, totes, and iPhone cases on her Society 6 boutique."  - Read the full blogspot HERE on Paris Rouzati's website. 

Thank you So much <3 

yaz 'xo


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