Disabled Muslims Network

Disabled Muslims Network is a support Network For Muslims Who Have A Disability/Chronic Illness, Muslim Parents With Disabled Children & For Their Family/Carers/Friends. DMN organisation is run by Sister Zenab, shes 25, based in London and shes the founder of the disabled Muslims network. She decided to start the DMN as after looking online for organizations that support disabled Muslims and their families she found that their were no organizations out there

Their objective is to raise awareness in the Muslim Community about the needs of Muslims who have a Disability/Chronic illness, Muslim Parents with disabled children and their families and carers/friends. To make sure they feel welcome, supported and accepted by their local Muslim community

To Keep updated with Zenab's Journey, you can follow her on: 

Twitter / Disabled Muslims 
YouTube / Disabled Muslims 

You can also make Donations via bank transfer to
60 10 34 sort code
82079102 account number
Z n b shah

Or via PayPal to email address disabledmuslimsnetwork@hotmail.co.uk

To end this post all i would like to say is please take a moment to Thank God for whatever you have because there are a lot of people out there who wish for things that we take for granted.

Enjoy your weekend
yaz 'xo


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