Don't Judge Me...Stolen ideas, Stolen designs!

Original Copyright Yaz Raja Designs
If you follow me on Instagram, tumblr or twitter - you know i post this particular illustration of mine A LOT mainly because when i first did this illustration and i posted it on my instagram, instantly someone managed to crop my signature, upload it on their account and it circulated rapidly and widely on social media without people knowing who the artist is.

At first it didn't bother me because i thought fine people seem to really like this illustration but then people started to claim it as their own work, some even literally copied the whole illustration - i started receiving emails, tweets daily; customers, supporters, friends started tagging me where ever they saw this illustration just to spread awareness that this is my design, even now some people haven't got a clue. 

Recently, this Lebanese Single Karter Zaher shared this illustration on his instagram account without giving me any credit and even when i got his attention and tried talking to him, he didn't seem to care and ignored my request and now his fans think its his illustration. On top of that, someone was kind enough to send me an image of a Facebook page who literally went on my Society 6 shop, took the image, erased my signature (bottom right) and typed their Facebook name on the illustration! 
Image with the daily Islamic stories fake copyright 
I am furious as this is one of my statement illustrations and i did this illustration last year when i first started wearing the hijab and this is for Muslim women like me who struggling with  Hijab and feeling confident wearing it. It hurts me because people who seem to be copying it or stealing it are my Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam - when i directly contact people to let them know its my work or even ask to remove it kindly, i get abused and blocked. Why?
Image taken from HERE
Why can't you just support me, accept its my art work, fine - take inspiration and get an idea and do your thing but don't copy my designs, don't copy my ideas, don't be me - BE YOU! 

There are many more examples out there of my work being copied and badly re-drawn - the list goes on and i won't be continuing this design in my society 6 shop or etsy store - if you want a gadget case/t-shirt/etc with this design on then contact me directly.

I wanted to share this to spread awareness and to really ask for you help and support to spread this please - one pin or one tweet that's all i am asking!

Feel free to leave any comments, advice, and links to places where people have just took this illustration and used it.

Thank You 
Yaz 'xo


  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. InshAllah I am going to share this story and make sure to tag you whenever i see this posted. Hopefully people will learn that stealing is stealing

    1. Hello Kiah Thank you so much for your support! In Sha Allah with everybodys help, we will be able to spread this message & hopefully people will stop stealing :/

  2. :( This makes me so sad, I've shared this picture and I have to admit I had no idea who the artist was. Now that I know it's you I will definitely be crediting you and sharing this around! Just remember - as hard as it may be - imitation is the highest form of flattery!

    1. Hello Naeema,
      aww thank you, i am glad you liked it! And people keeping saying that quote to me; i just feel insulted but i hope Allah either changes my heart or theirs In Sha Allah

  3. I'm so sorry you are experiencing this!
    I came across this illustration for the first time on your blog, so it is a shock to me that people are greedy enough to claim your talent for their own. Don't let it get you down. Just know that you have supporters everywhere are we will do our best to help you stop this.

    1. Hello Rose,
      Thank you so so much, really kind of you! I am lucky Alhumdulillah that people do want to help :)

  4. So sorry to hear this :<
    This is why I am hesitant to share a lot of my artwork before I can afford to copyright it. I don't want people to steal my art.

    1. Hello Yessi, I think even with the copyright, some people still don't stop and they are ignorant to the fact that copying is copying. This should be taught at schools and colleges i feel but we are taught the opposite



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