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CORNER SHOP - New YouTube Comedy Series launched on the 1st of February, based on a true story and this series involves a lot of talented young people who are all working super hard to make this happen! 

Its hilarious, crazy comedy and you can't predict what's going to happen next in the episode! I Love it! 

Islah Abdur-Rahman kindly asked me to design an exclusive case for the Corner Shop show and at first i was a bit nervous because i my market is mainly for women etc but i am so glad i took this opportunity :) It's great to be a part of such a brilliant show! 

Here is the trailer of Episode 3 that's out of the 5th of April ( Check out the corner shop Facebook page for the time & i will announce the time of my Facebook page tomorrow as well

And Here's the glimpse of the 'Arab Swag' Case 
Photo: CORNER SHOP | EPISODE 3 TEASER TRAILER OUT AT 6PM! A huge shout out to YAZ RAJA for EXCLUSIVELY designing this amazing iPhone case for Corner Shop! Get in contact via for some wonderful designs! Check out her instagram page at @YazRajaDesigns!

Details .. 
This case will be available to purchase tomorrow on my Etsy store for a Limited period of time only! 

Special Thanks to Islah Abdur-Rahman and to the Corner Shop show team! Please go check them out now!!! 


Thank you!
yaz 'xo


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