#throwbacksketch :DAY25: still life art

Hello Everyone ! Today i will be sharing a final piece that is a still life drawing where i had to layout the real content on a clean white paper in an interesting composition and then i had to draw as accurate as possible.. I think i did this in my second year of University and it took two days to complete this piece - hope you like it!

A tag, train ticket, folded piece of paper and a small purse

Details - Purse with some embellishment

Forever21 tag, and a little key

Train ticket and a folded piece of paper

P.S i am thinking do a FAQ post on the last day on this month as it relates to this challenge and plus it will be a chance to answer all your questions; Please either comment below with your questions or post them on my Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/yazrajadesigns)

yaz 'xo


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