#springintodesign :DAY2: Baking

Day 2 - Yesterday's topic was Baking so i decided to draw a cupcake - I love cupcakes (baking them and eating them) They are delish and you can experiment loads with different flavors and decorations!

Also, for this months challenge i was thinking to change things up a bit and try something different so its a learning experience as well as blogging daily.. So i decided to put my watercolours aside and try my hand at digital drawing!!! 

What do you think so far? any tips or tricks? I will be honest, i prefer hand drawn art because it looks one of a kind like everyone has their own handwriting style and with digitally, sometimes it can all look the same but i am going to put that thought aside and still try and learn this In Sha Allah

Stay tuned! Get involved! & share your art using #springintodesign 
yaz 'xo


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