#springintodesign :DAY6: Bird

Day 6 - I decided to draw a (Red Hot) Flamingo - i wanted to do a flamingo pattern for a while, i remember recently they were everywhere and esp on Eastenders !!! (if you watch eastenders you know what im talking about) But i never got round to doing one until now :) So yayy! for this challenge - so far i am being challenged to draw things that i normally wouldn't and that's always a good thing - its different! 

You can also buy this print over at my society6 shop - http://society6.com/product/red-hot-flamingo_print#1=45  (free shipping atm)

So enjoy and if you are doing the Spring Into Design challenge then please share your designs using the #springintodesign on social media

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo


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