+++ 2015 Highlights +++

Hello Everyone and Happy 2 0 1 6!

I am probably the only one who feels like 2015 didn't fly by.. it was slow and steady for me and that's never happened before! What about you guys?

Last year i decided to do a 365 Days Challenge on my blog right here.. I initially thought of doing 365 days of Motivational Quotes to help me and hopefully help others but to be honest i got bored of doing the same thing so then i changed my plan and did monthly/100 days/go with the flow kind of challenges and it worked! So in this post i am going recap those challenges as well as other highlights of my 2015 -

So  Let's Rewind <<<

I shared some of my University Work/Polio

Daily Deals of my Amazing Products! 

5. MAY - SEPT :: 100 Day Floral Project

Super Long Challenge - 100 watercolour florals ended with floral monograms

6. OCT :: FAB #ootd
Most Fav Challenge so far by you guys - i illustrated a bunch of beautiful bloggers!
Illustrative Diary of my wishlist - The challenge only went on  for about 2 weeks i think - i don't have a lot of materialistic things on my wishlist so it was tough to know what to draw... and it was dragged.

Last challenge of the year 2015 - i started my Business with selling phone cases so i decided to end this challenge with the same product - hope you enjoyed :D
9. I reached over 50,000 views on my blog this year  - I set out a goal last year to create something daily, to challenge myself and to make a habit of blogging inspiring content regularly and not just blog about sales/ads/promotional material. It's so amazing to know that people wait for the daily post and like the variety of artwork i have been posting so Thank you so so much <3 

10. & Lots of other amazing things happened such as - At the start of 2015 i was lucky enough to have my artwork on products for Waitrose Home Collection (still amazed BTW), I started doing original Bespoke illustrations for my amazing clients (still excites me & I hope to continue In Sha Allah), To receive letters with my company name on it (what i am trying to say is that i am finally starting to take my 'business' role seriously), and so much more probably but my memory is not the best and these are i guess the most highlighted in my brain (lol

I am so honoured to have so many of you support me and join me on my journey - A huge thank you!! 

Here's to another 365 days.. of Art & Business ! 
In Sha Allah its a good one :)


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