NEW WEBSITE - coming soon!

Hello Everyone !
So a little bit about whats happening and why i haven't been updating my blog

Basically last year i was in the process of getting my new website done by a professional website developer and the plan was to move my blogger posts onto wordpress and continue from there so i didn't post anything on here but the website developer had to pull out for a personal reason so now  i was left with a challenge and hosting.
Fast forward to now - i am actually having a go at creating my own website and obviously it wont be as fab as the professionals do it but it will be mine and that means i will have full control and one more thing on my to do list! 

I am still in the process of getting it done - a lot goes into it and hats to anyone who does this for a living. 

Meanwhile you can stay in touch with me on my social media

See you there :)
yaz 'xo


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