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HAYATI is a web based Muslimah lifestyle magazine which covers a wide range of topics such as faith, charity, beauty, health, fashion, living and more. HAYATI’s mission is to influence Muslim women’s whole lives helping them to be fashion-forward, smart and modern within the limits of Islam. With intelligent, in-depth writing and an on point array of fashion that is both aspirational and accessible, HAYATI hopes to inspire its reader’s to build not just personal style but personal power Insha’Allah.
HAYATI is a monthly online publication which is viewable on desktops and select mobile devices. Our first two issues will be free to the public and starting with the third issue (January) an Apple AppStore app will be available as well. With our third issue, we will also be commencing print-on-demand for readers who would prefer to purchase and have the publication in print.

Front Cover - My names on it ahhh

Niqab illustration


Turban - Nation : Next craze that modern Hijabis are adopting 

Hijabi Illustration with a Quote

You can subscribe FREE at www.hayationline.com 

All illustration are done by me and the art prints, iphone cases or other products are available at my Society6 shop

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