365 Days Challenge :DAY1: world seen through a child's eye

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed last months Motivating Quotes Challenge that i did here on my blog - I was initially going to do it throughout the whole year but then i thought it might get boring so i decided to change it up a bit and do a different challenge each month and see how that goes?! .. Please share any challenge ideas you've got or what you'd like to see from me 

For February 2015's challenge i've decided i am going to post my previous work whether that be 3 years old or 3 months old - my main focus is to post my (University) sketchbook work and also share my journey as a surface pattern designer and also share some info about the course + briefs that i did.

Today i am sharing a project i did back in 2012 - it was a 4 weeks project and my brief was to design for kidswear - i did two collections, one was a cute childlike illustrations for Baby grows, bibs, hats and the whole lot for toddlers and another one was cute simplified illustrations of animals with accessories such as sunnies or a designer handbag and this collection was for kids.

Here are some snapshots of my sketchbook - i won't be sharing the final work for copyright reasons.
Sketching ideas. Was trying to make them funny.
 To see the Previous blogspot related to this project click HERE 

Sample run for the colours and design - as you see i kept it really simple and cute
Another image showing development on the same designs

This is my most fav and the one design (in this project) that i was most proud of! 

Second part of the same project - here i am drawing more realistic animals 

development towards the final designs - here a pair of ducks wearing heels and a koala bear wearing sunnies plus holding a chanel handbag. These designs were made to go on kids t-shirts. 

I really enjoyed this project - it was fun to do something for kids and have a different approach but i don't think parents are ready for this kind of clothing for this kids; what do you think? 
If you are a Parent please leave a comment below and let me know what you think

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo



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