#throwbacksketch :DAY2: Drawing and Inspiration I

Today i am going to share a collage i did for my Drawing and Inspiration module at University in 2011 - this is just a small part of the module - i might share more in future posts.

Original sketch process using HP and GP pencils. This was done at the potteries museum in Hanley, Stoke on trent - i chose to draw this setting from 'The 60's' era.. I loved the outfits and retro kitchen appliances and the setting of the whole room. I selected a couple of settings, did some rough sketches and picked the one i liked for the collage.. 

For the collage; I experimented with coloured cards and thickness of line qualities to make it interesting by creating depth and tone within the drawing.

The linework and mark-makings are inspired by David Gentleman's illustration work.

Materials used: coloured card, fine liners, and inks.

Hope you liked today's post, let me know in the comments box below :)
yaz 'xo


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