#throwbacksketch :DAY20: Precious Studies

Today's blogpost is going to be a little one as i will only be sharing one final piece that i did in my second year and it was based around precious objects - today's post links to THIS and THIS

This is a final artwork - showing a group of precious objects that i hand picked to draw as close to the real object as possible. At the time I was into Gossip Girls hence the bows, I love london (for visiting not for living there),Chanel. No5 is my fav scent and i was obsessed with Paris ( it didn't live up to my expectations when i visited but that's another story
Close - up

I think it took about 2-3 session to complete this artwork. 

We used to have a Drawing Day on thursday at university and honestly it was my most fav day ever lol most people on our course hated it because for that whole day you would have to bring in objects or my tutor had brought in objects that we had to draw from and try and make the studies look as realistic as possible - it was a process where we are being taught how to draw accurately and i just loved it. I miss that module or lessons more than any other day and i remember telling my tutor this when i left and he was like you are just saying that like he didn't believe me because other students hated it so much - i would go back and experience that all over again if i could. 

Hope you liked today's post and see you tomorrow :)
yaz 'xo


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