#throwbacksketch :DAY19: surface pattern

Today i will sharing some work from my First ever Surface Pattern Design module that i did back at college - prior to this i didn't really know much about surface pattern and i was more into Graphics and textiles But Thank God i signed up to do this module 

I had to design a wallpaper based on a brief that i created myself and it was a part of my final major so it was a pretty long brief
I hand painted all the motifs - i used metallic for the pattern and the background colour was a matte chocolate brown - No Photoshop was used for this wallpaper design, it was all photocopier.
Close-up of the pattern - at this point i wasn't really aware of the size of the motif and how its going to look in the room on a larger scale but i still think i did pretty good if i say so myself lol ! This module changed my options for further studies - i honestly think if i hadn't taken this module i wouldn't be a surface pattern designer now So i would definitely say take on new modules at College when you have the time to experiment!
Second design was a paisley pattern with coffee background - really subtle compared to the previous design - they were both created for the same brief and you have the option to pick either on depending on your taste. Again, hand drawn and printed using photocopier, the scale wasn't that big for these but that's how we were taught to work at college - at University everything is more real and useable.

So that was todays post, let me know what you think and stay tuned for more!
yaz 'xo


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