#throwbacksketch :DAY27: graham & brown wall art

Hello Everyone - today i will be sharing a last throw back art work with you guys as this blog challenge will end tomorrow and for tomorrow's post i will be doing a Frequently Asking Questions post where i will answer all the questions you guys have left on my instagram, Facebook, blog and also questions that i get asked a lot! If you have any questions related to art and my studies or work, please leave them below :)

In this post i will share some of the design sheets and developed ideas with you guys - this brief was a live brief where we had people from the industry come in and set us a brief to do for their company- We were asked to do some Wall Art for Graham & Brown and these were my ideas..

My wall art theme was Paris and it was inspired by trip to Paris - i decided to focus on the architecture of Paris, hint of colour and the typography around the city name 'Paris'

Illustrations drawn from real photographs that i took while i was in Paris

This was one of the wall arts that i designed for this brief

Second wall art - focusing on the balcony designs that i saw in Paris

This was a third final wall art for this brief - would you have it in your house?

Let me know your views on February's Blog Challenge and please leave your questions below for tomorrows FAQ post 

P.S share ideas for March Blog Challenge ?! *i am stuck*

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo


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