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I often get asked these questions on my Instagram or twitter and I try my best to reply all the time but I know sometimes I must miss it so I thought to finish off the #ThrowBackSketch challenge I will do this FAQs post answering all your questions so grab a cuppa n enjoy! 

What is your background and how did you become an artist?
I always knew I wanted to be an artist or have a creative career from a very early age so straight after school I applied to study BTEC Art and Design at college. It was a two years course I believe and it was amazing, I got to experiment with other mediums such as 3D art, traditional screen printing, graphics, and it was a lot different to GCSE art at school. I then applied to do a BTEC course specializing in Fashion and Textiles and that’s where I learnt about Surface pattern design and straight away I knew I wanted to do this instead of textiles or Fashion design – I mean I LOVE fashion but I don’t always want to sew or make something, I much rather prefer to design and have someone else make it come to life. After college I did a BA (hons) degree in Surface Pattern Design from Staffordshire University for three years and it was a roller coaster to say the least. After university I worked for an agent designing wallpapers and bedcoverings, soon after that I decided to launch my own business and now I work at it every single day! Say Ma Sha Allah J

What is the best advice someone gave you in your career?
‘if you gona dream – dream big’ that’s the only advice that I clearly remember and the one I keep going back to.

What does surface pattern design mean?
There is no one definition but I am going to try my best – For me surface pattern design means designing/creating patterns that can be transferred on a variety of products or even materials. It doesn't necessarily have to be on paper or textiles. Surface pattern is everywhere for example your car seat fabric, the design on your floors, tiles, and of course the most common products such as textiles, wallpapers, gadget cases ETC.

Why or how did you start your business?
It wasn't planned; I always wanted to work in the industry for a company so working for my self was never really in my head. I was applying for jobs daily and not getting anywhere motivated me to just work anyway – I knew I could work for myself, I am super organized, I love to live a disciplined lifestyle so motivation wasn't the problem, it came so naturally that I didn’t even realise I was working if that makes sense. I was already freelancing but I didn’t have the self-confidence or self-belief but one day I got really fed up and I went to sign up for a business course and from there I attended workshops related to self-employment, how to get started and wrote my first ever Business Plan and that is how it all started. It almost felt like that is what I had to do and I am so glad I did that.  

What inspires you as a designer?
I try and keep myself surrounded by inspiring people and creatively-amazing imagery/products and it doesn’t even have to be another artist’s work – it could be a nice pair of shoes and that it will inspire me. Words inspire me and nature is a massive inspiration.

What paints do you use?
I get asked this question A LOT. Okay so I use Winsor and Newton inks, gouache, watercolours, even their metallic paints - I love them.

How is your work produced?
For my Brand: I start with doodling a few ideas that pop in my head, from there I then go and start drawing out the final design with pencil and then go in with layers and layers of watercolour (most of the time) – almost all my work is hand done and I only re-touch/clean it on PS.
For Freelance: I start sketching initial ideas with fine liners, I love having different line thickness in my illustration work and then I scan my drawings – clean and colour them on Photoshop. Almost all my freelance work is done on Photoshop that is because I am more comfortable with PS instead of illustrator.

Can I send questionnaires via email for school work? And can I use your work for my sketchbook?
Yes, of course you can. Please ask before you do – it’s always nice to know and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate. I might take a day or two to reply but that’s not on purpose.

What is your normal day like?
I start my day with getting important tasks done so that could be replying to emails, sorting out online orders, and then I will start on the creative work because once I start painting or drawing thn I forget about the time and I get so into making it perfect that I forget other tasks need attention. I also do my own book-keeping, admin work and other boring tasks so that happens throughout the month. I do this for a living, it is my only job and I am grateful for that!

Do you do custom paintings?
Yes, I do and I love doing them. I do custom phone cases, Art Prints, Cards, anything that you can imagine I want to do if I can because the satisfaction I get from making someone happy is just Amazing. So yeah I can do an original watercolour painting just for you J Please get in touch if you would like to see my portfolio or if you want to place an order!

How can I order a T-shirt?
You can order a T-shirt from my etsy – or simply email me at and I will be happy to help

What products do you sell?
Currently I sell phone cases so that is mainly iPhone and Samsung, I also sell tablet cases, cards, art prints and t-shirts on my etsy account. I also sell a variety of products on my society6 and the link is

Are you open to collaborations?
Yes! Sure get it touch at

How do I shop? Do you have a website?
Unfortunately, I don’t have a website yet but I am looking for a web designer and if you know someone who is a decent web designer then hello..?! please send them my way – I will really appreciate it. And you can shop at my etsy account for now –

Can I get a custom –made print for my business or home?
Yes! Of course you can – get it touch

How do you stay motivated?
I am naturally motivated and passionate about art and my business kind of started from me feeling low at one point in life so motivation comes naturally. Of course I still have some off days but even then I would rather be in the studio doing work thn wasting time. To be honest, I am lucky that I get to do what I love and it doesn’t even feel like work well apart from admin and accounts and marketing. Seeing my work in a store inspires me, when my customers are happy that really inspires me to do more, achieving my goals motivates me to keep dreaming big and Alhumdlillah I look forward to work every morning.

Stay tuned for the March Challenge on the blog!
Yaz ‘xo


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