March Blogging Challenge :DAY1: #springintodesign

Hello :) 

Sorry there wasn't a blog post yesterday - i was going to write but then i kept doing other things such as cleaning my room and sorting out all my clothes - putting my chunky jumpers away and getting my wardrobe ready for spring :D ...But then today it was snowing and it has been raining pretty much all day :/ 

Anways, speaking of spring; for this Month i am going to do a blog challenge created by Meg from May I Design and it all about spring !

So that's the list arranged by Meg - i am positive and excited to see how its going to go. Get involved and share your image using the hashtag SpringIntoDesign

You can read more about it on her blog -

Good Luck, 
I will post my yesterday's artwork shortly :)

yaz 'xo


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