#throwbacksketch :DAY4: Drawing and Inspiration III

In todays post i am going to share some more of my Drawing and Inspiration module work. this particular piece was inspired by Andy Warhol's ink work. 

For this collection i used a couple of lip balm tints that i had and i started with initial drawings with both pencil & ink to get the Andy Warhol kind of look.. 

I then photocopied the drawings, manipulated them, rearranged the images, photocopied again and this process went on for a while until i was happy with the layouts and the drawings.

Introducing colour: I used coloured cards to get a strong all over block colour effect 

Experimenting: Layering, various image sizes, intercutting, colour blocks
Reserve study of the same design - I Used bright block colours to achieve this design.
I then took these development studies further and created a final piece.
 This was a days worth of work - i know it probably seems a lot maybe but at university you get a lot achieved in a day or even a week compared to college or school work. 

Hope you enjoyed today's post & if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

yaz 'xo


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