#throwbacksketch :DAY5: Drawing and Inspiration IIII

Here are some snapshot of my Drawing and Inspiration Module sketchbook - there is so much to share and talk about but if i do that i will be here for a while so i thought to do a big post and share what i feel is relevant -

Doodling imagery of ink packages 

Ink studies

Still life of Higgins Ink bottles

Still life drawing of Winsor & Newton Ink Bottle

Random vintage packages /products

McDonalds Blueberry muffin study - i used to be obsessed with these muffins back in University

More Higgins ink bottles studies - using criss-cross mark making and inks.

A sketchbook page showing various layouts for my Drawing proposal final piece that i will share in my next and final post for this Module.

Many Thanks for following the February challenge so far

yaz 'xo


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