#throwbacksketch :DAY6: Make-up Studies

This is the last post related to the Drawing and Inspiration Module - I feel like i need to share some of my other work now so you can see a variety of work and get an idea of what Surface Pattern design is..

Today i am going to share my Drawing proposal final piece and a couple of studies that link to that final piece 

A snapshot of a section of my design sheet 

Putting random objects/imagery together to create a layout - these studies and the final piece was inspired by Wayne Thiebaud and Cindy Jernigan's work in terms of layouts and composition.
Here is the final piece (apologies about the quality) I decided to draw a random selection of makeup, make up bag, hand cream, change, receipts, tags etc - things you normally find at the bottom of your bag.

Materials Used: screen wash, gouache paint, fine liner, photocopier ink, and wallpaper

Hope you get an idea of what this module is about and also check out the last 5 posts of the #throwbacksketch to see more work related to this module.

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo


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