#throwbacksketch :DAY7: lil bits n bobs

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying my Throwback Sketch monthly challenge so far.. I am really enjoying it; sharing work with everyone kind of forces me to look back and realise a lot of things about my past and current work and its bringing back tons of memories about university life .. I miss it!
okay, so today i am going to share a couple of images from my summer sketchbook that i did for the start of second year (i think) We had to collect and draw from objects that we were inspired by and i am realising alot of the things i was inspired by at university was make up and girly things.. not a lot has changed (lol)

these are some perfume bottle sketches and paintings

More sketches and little paintings of products that inspire me - these are images of hand creams, lip balms and perfume bottles.
A sketch of my (beautiful) mother on a book print - i ended up using illustrations of  perfume bottles, make up and old photographs of my parents and linked that to create some artwork around the theme of memories and love.
 I might share the final piece of this sketchbook module anyways that's all for today
Hope you all are having a good weekend

yaz 'xo


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