#throwbacksketch :DAY8: M&S

Hello Everyone :) Today i am going to share a short brief i did at university where i had to design a collection of new patterns for products for Flux + Marks & Spencer
The theme was around 'Your expression of Englishness' - we didn't have the freedom to chose our own theme for this brief but sometimes that works great because at Uni you have a couple of briefs going on at the same time and you can't personalise all of them plus you need to learn how to work on a brief given by a client. (for future that's gold!)

Also, before i post any pictures i would just like to say that if you are at Uni or college and you have the time/opportunity to take on a new brief for a company in the industry - please do so! It helps so much to understand how the industry works and you will learn a lot! It makes you confident, gives you the experience to talk to people from the industry/that particular company and it gives you hope for working in the industry after you graduate!

My theme name that i chose for my designs was 'English Picnic' and i based the colours around the Spring/Summer 2013 colour trends

Initial drawings on the existing M&S white dinner set

Initial sketches on a variety of plate sizes

Adding colour - this one turned a bit Christmassy so i quickly changed to vibrant and summery colours

I then added more vibrant colours

Development Designs

More development designs

Soft colours - pixelated pattern of the florals and leaves

Warm colour tones - same design as above

Cold colours tone - purple/lilac and silver

Cold colour tones - blue and silver
I really enjoyed doing this brief at that time -i remember it was only a short one but a very good one for a surface pattern designer, it allowed me to think of other products and surfaces that my work could transfer on and the whole experience of working with the industry is just amazing !

So that was some of my sketchbook snapshots for this brief - hope you liked!

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo


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