#throwbacksketch :DAY9: Vintage Mix & Match O&K

Happy Monday :) hope y'all had a good weekend ! Today i am going to share another live Brief that we did with one of the companies in the industry; Owens and Kim 
For this collection we looked at vintage scarfs and pattern to create modern layout garments with the old pattern in our style.

I looked into oriental patterns and figures such as paisleys, taj mahal, chinese patterns and then went into fruits and florals.

Here is section of my sketchbook page showing a rough sketch of a dress i designed 

Another dress drawing - busy pattern all over.

These last three dresses and in fact the whole brief was inspired by Emilio Pucci's work - i liked the bold patterns and block colouring in Pucci's work.

Mediums Used: I used heat transfer dyes to paint on paper and then transferred the designs on fabrics of my choice. The whole heat transfer process was really long and it took a lot of experimenting before i committed to do the real garment.

I loved this brief because i got to see my work in its real form and it wasn't just on paper anymore - it was tough getting it from paper to fabric but the result was amazing!

yaz 'xo


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