#throwbacksketch :DAY10: Afternoon Picnic Part 1

Hello Everyone!
Today's brief is a sketchbook brief - i Believe it was really short, only a few weeks. For this brief we brought it props to draw from and get inspired by and some of the props were biscuits, fancy cups, cakes, sweets, chocolate and that sort. We then had to create a picnic like setting in a group and then draw from what we see.. Prior to the picnic we had to research the home and kitchen products to get some ideas

So here is a page from my sketchbook showing my initial sketches inspired by my research - as you can see its all over and at the point i wasn't exactly sure where this brief is heading..

it soon changed to really simple designs 
oriental and colourful decor for the plates

My inspiration for this brief came from Robert Raushenberg's compositions and how he layouts his ideas on the page - that is because once i get started on a brief, i have tons of ideas and i want to use all of them so his work make alot of sense for this brief.

I will more of my sketchbook work for this brief in my next post, stay tuned!

yaz 'xo


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