#throwbacksketch :DAY11: Afternoon Picnic Part 2

Hello! Hope you are all well :) today i am going to share some more of my 'afternoon picnic' brief with you guys 

Initial drawings - Started with drawing what i could see from my view of the picnic setting 

Development stages - using paint and collaging imagery that i drew from the picnic setting 

Simple illustrations of the Jam and a sponge Cake (below) Looking at these illustrations now makes me think how much my style has changed since then - i am not more realistic and less quirky 

Sponge Cake illustration

Mini Eggs studies - using paint and collage - new paper, coloured paper, magazine cuttings

Pastel shades - at this point i was still unsure about the colour scheme 

Cute spoons and mini eggs - simplifying the drawings into a collage 

This post is to show you guys how quickly a brief changes when you first start to like the development stages and then the ending - it's good to start with alot of ideas because once you experiment you realise most of them ideas won't work and if you just have one idea and it doesn't work then you are stuck!

so Practice, practice, practice! ALWAYS!

Tomorrow i am going the last stage of this brief, Stay tuned! 

yaz 'xo


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