#throwbacksketch :DAY12: Afternoon Picnic Part 3

Today i am going the third and last stage of this brief - I know i don't share the entire sketchbook from page to page(& i can't to be honest it will take forever) i try and share the bits that might help you understand the brief but if you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)
After the live picnic drawing session i went back and did my development drawings of the cakes specially and the patterns from the picnic setting

As you can see i was going in the direction of storage tins like your standard sugar, tea, coffee tins

Adding colour to the the mini illustrations

More detailed layouts with colour

Quirky illsutrations to go on top of tins 

Taking the mini illustrations from the layout pages and developing them

Painting process for the final products 

some of the paintings to go on Storage tins

Towards the end of this brief, my work was more inspired by Cath Kidston and vintage storage boxes. 

This was a fun brief and i hope you guys enjoyed reading about it as well.

I will share another new brief with you tomorrow so stay tuned!
yaz 'xo


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