#throwbacksketch :DAY13: J'adore Paris

Today i am going to share one of my most favourite briefs i did at university! For this module we had to use heat transfer dyes, heat transfer papers, fabric paints, inks and crayons - i was always running away from the print room at Uni, i preferred the CAD room or whatever i could do at my desk. Print room was always scary, and because i used to be so nervous and  in a state of panic that i would always ruin something but anyways to pass this module i had to try out certain products in the print room to do the final piece.

I had to test and try a dozen of fabric paints - mixing, diluting, using them directly from the bottle to do colour swatches so when i come to doing the final piece i know exactly what colours i want and how to achieve them in less time.

Here is an example of using heat transfer dyes and fabric paints - i directly painted on paper to then heat transfer on a variety of fabrics to see the pigment result on each fabric
Design transferred on fabric
I also tried to print on already printed fabrics as well as clean, new fabrics - this is a development stage

I then tried heat transfer paper and fabric crayons - the heat transfer papers are amazing if you want to get a block colour design

This isn't my final piece but its my most fav piece of work i did because its all hand painted, every little detail - took me ages and i then transferred it on fabric and honestly in person, it looks beautiful!

Another little section of mini hand painted stamp like images - transferred on fabric - the pigments on this fabric comes out amazing !One of the best things about Uni is the amount of techniques, products, tools you can use to achieve a design is like nothing else! 

I also did some black ink illustrations for my final piece 

Collage - fashion illustrations, some text about Paris and what inspires me 

This particular design is really similar to my final piece - it made up of heat transfer papers - i used crafts knife to carefully cut the triangle sections out of the Eiffel tower to achieve this design

Close to my final piece - it includes imagery that i associate with Paris such as Chanel, blue and white stripes, bright colours, Eiffel Tower, Stamps ,ETC

Heat transfer dyes on tissue paper - another development study towards my final piece - the illustrations are not accurate on purpose because its just to experiment for sketchbook work.

So that was some of my sketchbook work for this brief, Hope it inspires you!

yaz 'xo


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