2015 // JAN-MAR Challenges so far . .

All 31 designs for the January 2015 Motivational words Challenge - too see full images search hashtag MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES FOR 2015

27 thumbnails of the February's #ThrowBackSketch Challenge and to see all the posts search for the hashtag 365 DAYS CHALLENGE

I didn't manage to get all 31 designs for this month so i have only got 23 Designs for the March #springintodesign Challenge. To see all the designs search for the hashtag SPRING INTO DESIGN

I Set myself a challenge at the start of this year to do a blogpost daily and at the same time make it interesting or meaningful and not just post for the sake of blogging  and the main reason for doing a blog post daily is because i cant post my freelance jobs most of the time and when i don't have the time to work on designs for my brand then theres no content so these 'design a day challenges' are a fun way of inspiring + interacting with others :)

Thank you guys for supporting me this far and for liking my work :) <3

I will post about the april's challenge shortly! 

Stay Tuned!
yaz 'xo


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