April Blogging Challenge: Deal-of-the-Day!

Hello Everyone - Hope y'all well In Sha Allah.

I know i am four days late and i am sorry but i got super busy and kept putting it off thinking i will get it done later :/ 
Moving on (quickly) to this month challenge, I have been thinking about doing a *DEAL OF THE DAY* kind of challenge for the whole month so i will post a picture of one of my products on my blog here every day  (i will try and post as early as i can)  and i will set a random discount for that particular item and that sale item will only be available for 24 hours (with the discount price)

These products will be some of the Best Sellers, new designs or new products that i will launch and the plus side is you'll be able to purchase it with a discount. I am doing this challenge as a way to say Thank You for all the support that you guys have been giving my work :)

I am going to make today the First Day and i've picked a T-shirt designed by me, and its a best seller and also one of my favs so

Here it is:
Don't Judge Me Hijab T-shirt - 20% OFF TODAY ONLY!
order via yazraja@gmail.com

Retail price of this T-shirt is 19.99 GBP (on my etsy )  but today it is 15.99 ONLY + FREE SHIPPING . Accepting orders via mail only for all the products that i will post this month on my blog!

Hope y'all as excited as i am about this months challenge, let me know please
& Stay tuned for tomorrows Deal of the Day!

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo


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