100 Day Project!

What could you do with 100 days of making?
Image Source: Elle Luna: 100-Day Project

If you are an avid reader of my blog you must have realised that i haven't posted any challenge for May 2015 (yet).. i had two really strong ideas but i am really indecisive and i was confusing myself so anyways i come across the hashtag 100DAYPROJECT on instagram and after looking through it for hours i decided to accept this challenge and do something art related for 100 days. I know the project started April 6th but i will start mine today 15/5/15 :)

I have decided to do inky watercolour floral paintings for 100 days. 
My aim to try different watercolour + paper techniques, 
no pencil or pen just paint and water, 
i want to be able to let loose and have fun, 
my style can be really controlled and i like to be as perfect as possible and i don't want to do that for this project - it's going to be challenging but fun at the same time. I hope. 

I will be posting my first ever piece soon -  I am excited - Stay Tuned!
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