Introducing Custom Art Prints & Illustrations!

Yes. Exciting News! Not many of you are aware that i do Custom Canvases, A4 Art Prints and illustrated Greetings Card as well as selling my products on various online shops! 

I offer this service so you can have that perfect gift for your sister, best friend or your spouse; everyone! Just the way you want it tailored to your needs. 

Simply send me an email at 
with some details of what you would like, add some description, 
we will discuss and i will make it truly one of a kind original handmade piece for you. 

Custom orders require 50% upfront fee.
Please contact me 2/3 weeks before you need the product.
No returns or exchanges as it is a one off service.

Now, i will share a custom A4 Art Print i did for a lovely customer-  She wanted her wedding shoe and her engagement ring with a personal quote and the date of their wedding as an Art Print.

Work in process: I use watercolors to paint the shoes and gold ink to finish the details.

Finished piece minus the date ( for privacy reasons ). My customer decided to do a photoshoot prior to her wedding and she used this artwork for the shoot Ma Sha Allah.
To see the original Jimmy Choo shoe click HERE
So this was just one example, if you want me to share more let me know please.
And get in touch :) I am looking forward to working on some new and interesting orders with you In sha Allah

yaz 'xo


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