Casetify + Yaz Raja Designs

Yaz Raja Designs is not on Casetify *yayyy* I am so excited, i love their clear patterned cases and i've designed 5 so far as seen in the picture above ( i will upload more and update on my FB page so keep tuned)

Casetify has a lot of other amazing artists as well so give them a follow HERE and if you purchase one of my cases then please use this referral code B8ETUW and get $10 off you first order! :) AND free shipping on all orders !! 

@casetify sets your Instagrams free! Get your customize Instagram phone case at! #CustomCase Custom Phone Case | Casetify | Painting | Transparent  | Yaz Raja Designs
Watercolour Floral Clear Case

Happy Shopping!
yaz 'xo


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