#throwbacksketch :DAY15: embellished bag

Hello again, for day 15 i will be sharing images of a bag that i designed and created back in college ( i know its years ago but that is the whole point of this challenge
I saw this in my portfolio and thought i should share so you can see how different my work is now - and how much of a difference machines, technology can make to your work.

I hand painted the whole pattern on this bag - this is when i wasn't aware of screen printing and if you have done screen printing, you know how quick the whole process can be! This took me two weeks to finish and then i embellished some areas of the pattern on the bag so it was a long process 

This was a summer's bag so i had multi-coloured florals and purple as the main colour

details of the embellishment

I used fabric dyes to paint the florals, i then machine stitched it together, i also had a little ribbon bow hanging at the front and a thick ribbon as the handle. If i had to do something like this again, i definitely wouldn't hand paint the whole bag, and i 100% wouldn't screen-print it (i have major anxiety when it comes to the printing room) i would digitally print and stitch it together and it would be the quickest process ever! what would you do?
What do you think? does it look hand made or outdated? would you wear it? Share your views down below in the comments box :)

Many Thanks
yaz 'xo


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