#throwbacksketch :DAY17: Fashion Illustrations

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week so far :) Today i am going to sharing a couple of fashion illustrations with you guys - in my second year of University, i really got into fashion studies so for one of my modules i decided to draw things related to fashion and in this post i will be sharing some of that..
This is a fashion illustration inspired by magazine ads - i know now it looks realistic or perfect but i had to do about 50 rough sketches before i did this original/final piece. When i started this brief i wasn't that good at fashion illustrations but towards the end i got better

Details - i used 3D gems for the rings

Second fashion illustration - dramatic fashion shoot, again i did maybe 30/40 rough sketches of this illustration to get to the final one 

Detials - lots of layering of paint and watercolours - this is probably my favourite one out of these two. This particular illustration was inspired by David Downton

* I don't do fashion illustrations anymore and i thought i put it out there as a lot of you email me asking for a custom fashion illustration or portrait illustrations.

yaz 'xo


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